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What is a Locksmith?

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The locksmith profession, one of the timeless professions that we have always needed and will continue to need from the past to the present, is still practised by many people. We may all need a locksmith in our daily lives. Locksmith Barendrechtwho contributes to our lives in opening doors, meeting key needs, repairing locks and providing services in this direction, what is locksmithing? How do you become a locksmith? What do locksmiths do? We will accurately answer your questions on such matters.

What is the profession of a locksmith?

The profession of locksmith is a type of profession and craft that includes keys, locks and fine ironwork. Locksmiths are craftsmen who do locks, keys, fine ironwork and exercise the profession of locksmith. Persons who exercise the profession of locksmith are exercised within the framework of the necessary legal responsibilities and measures, such as health and safety at work, which protect the environment and the worker.

They deal with many issues like protection through the use of keys and locks, such as home, car, vehicle, safe, lock maintenance, lock assembly and many other areas that make locks and keys. Locksmith Barendrecht opens, repairs and assembles locked doors and locked mechanisms with locksmith methods such as locksmithing. Besides these processes, let's look together at what services we offer you as Locksmith Barendrecht, what we do.

What do people who practice the profession of locksmith do?

As Locksmith Barendrecht, we offer many services. Those who practice the profession of locksmith repair and open locks on products with locked mechanisms such as doors, cars and safes that have been locked throughout history. In addition to this most famous service, locksmiths; major brands perform chip checks on sample keys. They make a copy of the key, take the key, code the key, prepare a lock pick, fill the unlock record, open the locks, make a key for the lock. They repair locks, change the passwords of locks with an encrypted mechanism such as a safe, attach a cylinder to the lock and attach a security system.locksmith-barendrecht

Some of the services of Locksmith Barendrecht are steel door opening, steel safe opening, room door opening, 24/7 locksmith service. In addition, we offer services such as sales and installation of locks, settings for steel door locks, unlocking car doors, copying car keys, duplicating immobilizers, hydraulic push door to building entrances, coded door access service, repairing and copying garage checks.

What are the requirements of the locksmith profession?

The functions to be performed by those who want to become locksmiths and locksmiths;

  • To be able to use his hands and fingers skilfully,
  • Pay attention to details, be detailed,
  • Healthy, seeing and using their hands should not be a problem,
  • Must be someone who is interested in mechanics and similar issues, patient and careful, able to plan and implement the necessary problems and works brought by his profession,
  • Locksmiths must be persons who are suitable for the services of Locksmith Barendrecht and who work patiently and conscientiously.
  • Locksmiths work in noisy, vibrating, oily, dirty, damp, dusty, cold and wet environments and they must be ready for work at any hour of the day.

How do you become a locksmith?

It is possible to advance to master instructor and master title in the locksmith profession. If people with at least an elementary and secondary school diploma want to enter the locksmith profession, they can graduate from Vocational Training Centres as foremen by undergoing locksmith training. Those who graduate from Vocational Training Centres as journeymen can work in a workplace and can continue their theoretical education while working.

The master's degree in locksmithing is 176 hours and they take courses such as Human Health and Occupational Safety, Business and Human Relations, Labour Law, Business Knowledge in locksmithing. Locksmiths according to their field of study and training; It is divided into groups such as professional main group, professional sub-group, professional group, professional unit group. Although the minimum level of education required to undergo locksmith training is primary school, the age limit is at least 14 years.

What are the documents and conditions required to open a locksmith's shop?

There are conditions and provisions as a result of certain legal requirements to open a locksmith shop or locksmith store. It is possible to open a locksmith shop as a result of the complete delivery of these documents, which the opened shop should operate and be able to process under legal conditions, in the relevant places. Steps to Locksmith Barendrecht shop;

  • To have the required locksmith certificate to open a locksmith,
  • To have business and work licences,
  • Registration with the relevant professional association,
  • Registration of locksmith shop owner and employees to be submitted to relevant authorities,
  • No criminal record for any disgraceful crime, especially theft,
  • Employment of persons over 18,
  • And if an employee under 18 has to be at least 16, the employee under 18 is not allowed to open doors.

How about a locksmith?

Nowadays, as in any profession, there are some legal responsibilities and risks in the locksmith profession. One of the practices that have come into force to avoid these risks is the locksmith's opening report. Since the practice of opening the door of the locksmith profession was abused by some malicious people with malicious intentions, such as entering without their permission, taking goods, stealing, stealing, the locksmith opening report was enacted as a precautionary measure.

In the locksmith door opening minute; The identification details of the person who wants to open the door are found. In addition, identification data such as the address of the workplace to be opened, the car, the house, the location of the safe, the owner of the place to be opened or having power of attorney, the time and date of the transaction, the signature, the TC identity number, the name of the mother, the first and last name are added.

What services does Locksmith offer?

We may need locksmith services in any part of our houses, gardens, garages, that is, our living space, which is locked and secured with a door. Equally important are the locking systems of the building doors, which are extremely important for our safety and peace of mind. Doors that wear out, do not close, barely close, do not lock with use over time; they need maintenance, repair or even replacement.

Building door failures are not something to take lightly, so if you have broken doors, you should take advantage of a Locksmith Barendrecht service that is as safe as our company.

Locksmith in Barendrecht

You can choose our company to benefit from the services of our company, which works in accordance with the law and works professionally, such as all keys, lock, house, car, safe working and many other locksmith services. And you can safely implement all your requests and transactions related to locksmiths.

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