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Replacing locks

The importance of changing locks

When should you think about changing the locks? There are numerous situations where you need a locksmith to change the locks.
For example, replacing locks with safe anti-burglary door fittings, such as good cylinder locks. Or when you have locked yourself out and the key is still in the lock.
When your key is broken in the lock or when you have lost your keys. But also when you door furniture want to renew the inner door.
For what reasons do you call a licensed locksmith for lock changes?

10 reasons for changing a lock

Locks-Replaced-Burglary Damage

Door hardware is often an afterthought. We constantly touch our doorknobs and locks, and yet we so rarely think about them.
If you haven't paid much attention to your locks lately, here are 10 reasons why replace lock.

1. Installing a new door

If you have ordered a new door or want to replace the window frames, this is a good time to buy new locks. All elements such as the door, the jamb and the lock combine to create a secure entrance. If you want to secure a new front door or back door as well as possible, you had better change the locks. When replacing the locks of window frames also not to put safe anti-burglary locks there place it. Because how often do you hear that thieves have entered via the window? For window and door security, call in our locksmith.

2. Securing the house against burglary

When you last checked the security of your home, you wondered if those old locks were still in order. If the latch bolt seems warped or if you are at all unsure about the durability of the locks, you might want to change the locks and secure your home against burglary. Changing a lock to a secure pin lock or cylinder locks will help you sleep peacefully again. Add an alarm system and you will sleep like a log.

3. Old locks are not safe

One of the most common reasons for replacing locks is that the current locks are no longer satisfactory. Many types of metal suffer from metal fatigue, making the lock no longer secure. Old locks also fail to meet anti-burglary standards. If you want to improve the security of your home, it might be better to replace your old lock with a new cylinder lock, multi-point lock, deadbolt or pin lock. Ask Locksmith NK for advice on replacing old locks.

4. Home sweet new home

You have moved house and you are not sure whether the previous owners still have a spare key. Did they remember to pick up the spare key from the neighbour who looked after the pets last summer holiday? If you don't want random strangers to have access to your home, you'd better change the lock.

5. Changing locks after a break-in

Some break-ins could have been prevented with a stronger deadbolt, pin lock or cylinder lock. If you want more peace of mind and want to reduce the chances of a second break-in, it's better to have the locks changed. Locks replaced after burglary damage to windows or doors is something Locksmith NK can do for you. Have you been burgled and can't get into your home? In short, are you locked out? Then call the emergency service of locksmith NK immediately. In most situations it is possible to open the door without any damage, while maintaining the front door lock. All this without drilling out the cylinder or the padlock. If the lock is broken, a new lock will be placed on the spot. So that you can always safely lock your door again after a break-in.

6. Lost keys, what now? Replace locks!

You have lost your keys. We understand, because keys are small. They fall out of your pocket or get left behind in the café where you had your coffee. If you or someone with a spare key can't find it, or your secret hiding place for the spare key has been compromised, then perhaps you should change your lock. Nothing is more annoying than losing your keys. For your safety, it is advisable to always change the locks in this situation.

7. Smart locks

Smart locks offer the same great benefits as our mechanical first class metal constructions with long life and stylish design. Give trusted service providers such as a babysitter, dog walker or good neighbours the code for your smart lock and they can enter your home. Without the need for a key. You also have the option to connect other smart devices like a video doorbell or camera in addition to a smart lock.

8. Embracing a new life

When your family grows up or your toddler has become a teenager, you need to change the indoor locks to suit your new lifestyle. Update your door hardware to have the right function. Like locking or non-locking, so that you have the right amount of privacy for your new office which was the children's room or the baby's bedroom which has now become a teenager's room. If you need new door hardware for your new life, and you want something that changes as easily as you do? Then Locksmith NK can definitely help you with that.

9. Change door fitting style

You want your home style to be unified throughout the house with a variety of door hardware designs and finishes. So you can create the perfect look for your home. From the front door to the back door and everywhere in between. If you want your exterior door handles to match your interior door hardware, you might want to change the locks at the same time. For example, door hardware black goes with everything; sleek, modern and stylish.

10. Key broken off in lock

There is nothing more annoying than a key that has broken off in the lock. As mentioned, metal fatigue occurs with many metals. This also often happens with keys. Locksmith NK recommends to replace the keys every 3 years because of this metal fatigue. You don't want your key to remain in the lock broken off? Changing the locks is much more expensive than renewing the keys every three years. Should it happen that your key is broken in the lock, call our emergency service. We are with you within 20 to 30 minutes, throughout the Netherlands.

How often should you change the locks?

Lock manufacturers advise that a door lock should be replaced once every seven years. However, this depends on a number of factors. If a lock is rarely used, it may remain fully functional for a longer period of time and lock replacement may not yet be necessary. On the other hand, homeowners may have to change the locks before this seven-year period is over, depending on the answers to the questions below.

How old are your existing locks?

If you have moved house within the last seven years and you do not have a new home, it is unlikely that you know exactly when the locks were last changed. For this reason, many people choose to change the locks as soon as they buy a new house. It is also impossible to know whether the previous occupant has had keys made for friends or family and they still have these spare keys in their possession. To make sure that only your family has keys to your new home, changing the locks when you move is a good reason.

Are the locks damaged?

One of the most urgent reasons for changing a lock is damage after a break-in. This is as important for the peace of mind of the occupant as it is for the security of the premises. Many locksmiths offer an emergency service to have this done as quickly as possible. Locksmith NK also offers emergency service. Within 20 to 30 minutes we are at your doorstep and that throughout the Netherlands. Even if a lock has not been forced, it wobbles, feels loose or shows signs of wear, it is definitely better to have it repaired or replaced. A damaged lock can facilitate burglaries and can also leave you stranded in or outside your home at an inconvenient time.

Have you lost your keys?

Missing keys are not always a cause for concern. After all, if you have lost them on the train that stops miles away, it will be almost impossible for the finder to know that they are yours. The problem arises if your home address can be deduced from something left beside your keys, or if you are not sure when they went missing. In these cases, there is always the chance that they have been stolen. Changing your front door lock at this point can be a good idea.

What has changed in your life?

If you are going through a divorce or a flatmate has recently moved out, you might consider changing the locks. Even if the departure seemed amicable, you don't know what can happen in the future. It is always best to take precautions.

Consider each of the above questions as you think about changing locks. The safety of your property and residents is of paramount importance. So when in doubt, take action.

For more information and assistance in finding new door locks and spare parts to match Locksmith NK If you have any questions about the range of products available, contact our team today. You can contact us for various services. Such as repairs, lock replacement, lock opening, window and door security and security cameras. You can also reach us 24/7 for emergency service. We make sure you can always enter your house safely and lock the door properly.

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