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Do you need the help of a locksmith in Delft? Then contact Locksmith NK immediately. We are the only reliable locksmith who comes to your rescue when your lock is broken or your key is broken. Our certified locksmith in Delft will help you to open your door. 

We offer a complete range of services in the area of keys and locks. Do you have damaged locks or lost your key?
Our experienced locksmiths are quickly on site.

If you have locked yourself out or lost your keys, we will help you urgently so that you can get back into your home quickly. If you want new locks installed, we will come to your home or send you a quote. Locksmith Delft only employs certified locksmiths who can get your door open within minutes.

If you want advice on burglary prevention, you can count on a free visit from one of our lock specialists.

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Replacing locks

Lost your keys or simply want to replace your locks? Contact us and choose the locks we will install.

Break-in damage

Break-in damage

Have you been burgled? We repair the damage and give free advice to keep burglars out.


Secure Locks

All our locks have a security seal and are constantly tested for burglary prevention and lock strength.

Car keys

Car keys

Have you lost your car keys or did your car key break accidentally? We will be there within 20 minutes.

Electric Locks

Electric lock

We repair every kind of lock, including, of course, electric locks. We are experienced with locks.

Alarm systems

Alarm Systems

Do you need an alarm system or do you need free advice on alarm systems and cameras?

Locksmith Delft provides new hinges and locks fast

It happens to everyone sooner or later: you walk out without a key and the door slams shut behind you or you pull the lock yourself, thinking you have your keys with you. When you are outside and realise that you can no longer enter your home, panic is sure to strike. But all you have to do is call the locksmith in Delft via telephone number (085) 004 1566. 

We will make sure that a locksmith will come to you as soon as possible. He will open the lock without any damage, so you can continue to use it. If you want a new lock, for example if you have lost your keys, the locksmith can fit it for you immediately.

Is your key broken off or have you lost your keys?

Locksmith Delft has earned the police certification safe living by working as a service-oriented locksmith, a broken key is no problem.
Needing a locksmith is never fun, it happens to everyone. Our locksmith in Delft can repair any kind of lock and will make sure that when your key is broken or lost you can be back in your house within 30 minutes. No unpleasant surprises afterwards.

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When should I change my locks?

It is better to have locks replaced when they are old and worn out. Such locks are often very easy for burglars to force. There is also a risk of malfunction when a lock is old. Then it can just happen that you can't open or close the lock anymore and the locksmith has to come to you urgently. This often means extra costs. Also have your locks changed if your keys have been stolen or if you have lost them and they may have fallen into the wrong hands.

Which locks are suitable for burglary protection?

If you want to have new locks installed, you should choose secure locks. The locksmith in Delft can supply you with cylinder locks with the 'Politiekeurmerk Veilig Wonen' certificate. These locks are extra secured with key pull fittings. This makes it impossible to "pull the key", which is a popular way for burglars to open a lock within a minute. If you have good locks installed on the front and back doors of your house or on the entrance door of your business, the chances are that burglars will prefer not to use your premises.

Good burglary prevention goes beyond a good lock on the door

Good burglary protection is essential for both residential and business premises. If you don't want to be the victim of a burglary, let the locksmith in Delft visit you and give you tips on how to secure your home. This does not only include good locks, but also for example the installation of sound, SKG approved locks and hinges on the windows. And always use your locks when you go out, even if it's just for a walk with the dog or a quick errand. This way you will keep burglars out as much as possible.

What should I do if my house is broken into?

When you have been burgled, in many cases the lock is damaged. Call the locksmith in Delft and make an appointment. He can replace the lock and repair any further damage, for example to the hardware of the lock. Always report the burglary to the police. If you are insured against burglary, which is covered by your contents insurance, you can claim the costs charged by the locksmith from your insurance company. If keys are stolen during a burglary, don't take any risks and have all the locks replaced preventively. This will prevent you from becoming a victim of burglary a few weeks after the event.

Need to change locks in Delft and surroundings?

Change locks because a lock is broken?

Our locksmiths are trained to change your locks if a lock is broken. Secure locks Our certified locksmith, who will be with you within 30 minutes, is obliged to install the locks and leave your door undamaged. With the police certification for safe living, we guarantee your safety if you have a broken lock.

Locksmith NK operates throughout the Netherlands, 24-hour lock service with experienced technicians who are on site within 30 minutes.

If you contact us in the evening or at the weekend, you can count on us being there as soon as possible.

Locksmith NK is a reliable partner where you can always go for all your lock problems!

We are on average within 20 to 30 minutes present at your address for all lock services!

Opening locks without damage is one of the specialties of Locksmith NK. If you have lost your keys or the keys are still inside and you have locked yourself out, then of course you want to get back into your house or business as quickly as possible. If you still have your keys, the lock will be opened without damage so that you can continue to use it. If you have lost your keys, it is advisable to have the locks changed after they have been opened by our locksmith. Our locksmith can also open special locks, such as electronic locks that are often used by companies.

Open doors? Call a locksmith!

A locksmith has all the tools that could possibly be useful in opening doors. If you are literally standing in front of a closed door in your home, you can call the locksmith and ask him to open the door for you. It goes without saying that the locksmith will work in a very careful way so that no damage is done to doors and window frames. Mind you, as mentioned before, the working method depends on the lock that was installed on the door.

Fast and efficient response to problems

In case of problems, a locksmith will always do everything necessary to open your door for you. In doing so, they will consider how to get a new key as efficiently as possible. This allows you to immediately continue your daily activities. A fast and efficient response is very important for people who have locked themselves out and locksmith-nk.com can provide this without any problem.

Replacing locks can be necessary for various reasons. For example, if you have lost your keys and you fear that they may have fallen into the wrong hands. But you can also have the locks changed if a former occupant of a property is no longer allowed to enter. Outdated or rusty locks are easy prey for burglars because they are usually easy to force. Have these locks replaced with approved hinges and locks with the 'Politie Keurmerk Veilig Wonen' certificate. In any case, always choose locks with pin tumbler protection to considerably reduce the chances of a successful burglary.

Change the lock as soon as possible

If you have really lost your keys and can't remember where they went, it is advisable to have the lock or cylinder replaced. The lock may have been damaged anyway after the locksmith opened the door for you but it can't hurt for security and your own peace of mind to have a new lock or profile cylinder in your door so that no one can misuse your old keys.

All locks replaced at once

This also applies to the other keys on the lost key ring, so if necessary also have the lock or the profile cylinder of the back door, garage or shed and the like replaced. In that case, it is convenient to have equal-key cylinders installed, because then you only need one key for all those locks.

You can reach locksmith NK 24/7 for emergency service. We provide this service if you have locked yourself out because the door fell in the lock, or if the key has broken in the lock and you can no longer enter your home. But also if you have been the victim of a fire or burglary which caused damage to your locks, the locksmith can come to you immediately to repair or replace the locks. This emergency service is available to both private and business customers. You can find our contact details on the website. In case of an emergency, calling us is always the best choice.

Express service for all kinds of services

Have you lost your keys on the road or left them inside? Did your key break off in the lock while opening the door? We have a number of professional mechanics who can open your lock at any time of the day. We always apply a fixed price for opening a door, regardless of how long it takes. Our locksmiths are SKG certified and have the police certification for safe living.

Fast on site

Did you know that we can be at your location within 25-30 minutes? This is partly due to our flexibility and ability to quickly repair locks, burglary damage, lock replacement and all other locksmith services. Thus, we are always only up to 15-30 minutes to repair and solve any problem within the locksmith services. So we can quickly move on to the next customer, which might be you!

When your locks are broken or when your keys are broken because you turned them too hard or for some other reason, you need new locks as soon as possible. Calling in an experienced locksmith is a must in order to minimise the damage, because you do not want your lock to be forced by a burglar or anyone else who does not have the right to enter your home.

Installing new locks in your home

Especially when you live in an old house, it is usually not a bad idea to look into the possibilities of installing new locks in your home. The so-called multi-point lock is one of the many possible choices in this regard. This type of lock is especially interesting because it locks your door in different places and therefore extra secure. Because of this, burglars cannot just force one lock to get into your home, but have to take into account several anchors. Of course, there are also other types of locks on the market that can help secure your home efficiently.

Securing existing locks

If you do not feel like replacing the existing locks in your home, you can also choose to improve the security of the current locks. In this respect, it is always interesting to ask the advice of your locksmith. In certain cases, the cost price will be so close to a new lock that it is often more interesting to choose this option. In addition, security locks according to the new standard are also a lot safer than the classic locks of the past. Besides placing and replacing locks, we can also repair damage, where necessary. If in doubt, feel free to ask the advice of your locksmith in The Hague.

Burglary prevention nowadays can be seen as a necessary evil. It often costs a great deal of money, but it is necessary because the burglary figures in the Netherlands are particularly alarming. Fortunately, today burglary prevention can be achieved in various ways. For example, you can replace your locks or secure them better, but you can also use one of the many modern alarm systems. All these different things can contribute to the security of your home and consequently to the sense of security you get as a resident. Locksmith NK will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities in the area of burglary prevention.

Professional intrusion prevention throughout the Netherlands

Throughout the Netherlands, there are numerous professionals who can assist you in securing your home. In the first place, these are, of course, the locksmiths who can provide your home with the most recent and best-protected locks on the market. Burglary prevention always starts with checking the locking of your home. If this does not meet the current standard, you can secure your home as well as you like, but you will always run the risk of a possible burglary.

Deterring or catching burglars

Thorough burglary prevention can not only ensure that burglars are deterred, it is also much easier to catch them in the act. To achieve this, however, it is always important to think carefully about the alarm systems you install. A single system in a centrally-located room, for example, is not enough. By definition, you should have an alarm system that covers the entire room and it is also advisable to fit windows and doors with reed contact switches. These switches detect when the door or window is opened and can immediately send a message.

When damage has been caused by a burglary, it is often very important for the owners of the house in question to have the damage repaired as soon as possible. This is necessary in order to create a certain sense of security again, but the temporary absence of a working lock, for example, also increases the risk of further break-ins. Repairing burglary damage in the short term is therefore very important. Before there can be any talk of repairs, it is of course important that the burglary damage is precisely determined. Based on these findings, a quote can be drawn up and an indication can be given of the cost price to be taken into account.

Repairing damage to doors and window frames

The first damage that is usually reported is damage to doors and window frames. Fortunately, this damage can be repaired relatively easily. The damage to doors and window frames usually concerns the area around the lock. The damage can make it impossible to open the door with your key. In that case, we will have to repair or replace the lock so that we can open your door. Please note that the lock itself is also often forced, so that you also have to take a certain cost into account in that area. In any case, repairing burglary damage to doors and frames is the first point you will want to pay attention to.

Repair of glass damage

Repairing damage done to glass is a little less obvious. After all, the repairer first has to take a thorough look at a number of things. First of all, there is the width of the cavity, for example, but there is also the type of glass found in the window or door. For example, many people use special safety glass. As soon as these determinations have been made, a start can be made on repairing the glass damage caused.

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