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The locksmith Gouda is always there for you. Have you locked yourself out of Gouda, has your key broken off, have you lost your keys or do you need a good lock? When you need a locksmith, we are quickly at your door. On average we are on site within 25 minutes. We can also help you if you have smart locks or an electric lock.

Contact us immediately, because a problem with your lock is annoying enough. And being locked out for a long time is totally annoying. Our team of experienced and reliable locksmiths is available day and night with honest advice and a professional solution.

Do you want to contact one of our locksmiths directly? Then call (085) 004 1566. We are available 24/7.

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Replace locks

Lost keys or do you simply want to replace your locks? Contact us and choose the locks that we install.

Burglary damage

Burglary damage

Has there been a break-in? We repair the damage and give free advice to keep burglars out.


Safe Locks

All our locks have a safety quality mark and are constantly tested for burglary prevention and the strength of the lock.

Car Keys

Car Keys

Have you lost your car keys or has your car key broken by accident? We are there within 20 minutes.


Electric Lock

We repair any type of lock, of course in 2022 this also includes electric locks. We are experienced with the locks.

Alarm systems

Alarm Systems

Do you need an alarm system or do you need free advice about alarm systems and cameras?

Broken key? Call locksmith Gouda!

It can happen to anyone: you are in a hurry, doing two things at the same time or you are not paying attention.
You want to open or close the door, apply too much force and your key breaks.

Worn out key?

You often have to deal with a worn key or a key that has been counterfeited with cheaper and less durable material. A little force on the key just gives the last push, causing the key to break off. You run the risk that the key will break off, especially if the lock is not installed properly and a relatively large amount of force is required to open the lock. The lock must then be replaced anyway.

When the lock is damaged, for example due to fire or burglary, our locksmith can also be with you quickly to either replace the lock or repair the burglary damage.

Opening locks without damage is one of the specialties of Locksmith NK. If you have lost your keys or the keys are still inside and you have locked yourself out, then you naturally want to be able to get back into your home or business as soon as possible. If you still have your keys, the lock will be opened without damage so that you can continue to use it afterwards. If you have lost your keys, it is advisable to have the locks replaced after the lock has been opened by our lock expert. Our locksmith can also open special locks, such as electronic locks that are often used by companies.

Open doors? Call a locksmith!

A locksmith has every possible tool that can be useful when opening doors. If you are literally standing in front of a locked door at your home, you can call the locksmith and ask to open the door for you. It goes without saying that the locksmith works in a very careful way so that no damage is caused to doors and frames. Please note, as mentioned earlier, the method does depend on the lock that was installed on the door.

Fast and efficient response to problems

In case of problems, a locksmith will always do everything necessary to open your door for you. In doing so, it is examined how a new key can be obtained as efficiently as possible. This allows you to immediately continue with your daily activities. A quick and efficient response is particularly important for people who have locked themselves out and locksmith-nk.nl can take care of that without any problem.

Changing locks can be necessary for a variety of reasons. If you have lost your keys and you fear that they may have fallen into the wrong hands, for example. But you can also have the locks replaced if a former resident of a building is no longer allowed to access. Outdated or rusting locks are easy prey for burglars because they are usually easy to force. Have these locks replaced by approved hinges and locks with the Police Quality Mark Safe Living. In any case, always opt for locks with core pull protection to significantly reduce the chance of a successful break-in.

Have the lock replaced as soon as possible

If you have really lost your keys and do not know where they have gone, it is advisable to have the lock or cylinder replaced. The lock may have already been damaged after the locksmith has opened the door for you, but for security and your own peace of mind it can't hurt to have a new lock or profile cylinder in your door so that no one can misuse your old keys.

Have all locks replaced in 1 go

This also applies to the other keys on the lost key ring, so have the lock or profile cylinder of the back door, garage or storage room and the like replaced if necessary. In that case, it is useful to have identical-keying cylinders installed, because then you only need one key for all those locks.

You can reach Locksmith NK 24/7 for emergency service. We provide this service if you locked yourself out because the door fell into the lock, or if the key has broken off in the lock and you can no longer enter your house. But even if you have been the victim of fire or burglary that has caused damage to your locks, the locksmith can come to you directly to repair or replace the locks. This emergency service is available for both private individuals and business customers. You will find our contact details on the website. In an emergency, calling is always the best choice.

Emergency service for all types of services

Have you lost your keys en route or have you left your keys inside? Has your key broken off in the lock while opening the door? We have a number of professional mechanics who will open your lock at any time of the day. We always use a fixed price for opening a door, regardless of how long it takes us. Our locksmiths from Locksmith NK certified SKG and have the police quality mark safe living.

Quickly present at your location

Did you know that we can be at your location within 25-30 minutes? This is partly due to our flexibility and ability to quickly repair locks, burglary damage, lock replacement and all other locksmith services. For example, we are always only a maximum of 15-30 minutes repairing and solving every problem that falls within the locksmith services. This way we can quickly move on to the next customer, maybe this is you!

If your locks are broken or if your keys are broken by turning your key too hard or for any other reason, you need new locks as soon as possible. Calling in an experienced locksmith is a requirement to keep the damage as limited as possible, because you do not want your lock to be forced by a burglar or someone else who does not have the right to enter your home.

Installing new locks in your home

Especially if you live in an old house, it is usually not a bad idea to look into the possibilities of installing new locks in your home. The so-called multi-point lock is one of the many possible choices in that regard. This type of lock is especially interesting because it locks your door in different places and therefore extra safe. As a result, burglars can't just force one lock to get into your home, but they have to take into account different anchorages. Of course, there are also other types of locks on the market that can help secure your home in an efficient way.

Securing existing locks

If you do not immediately feel like replacing the existing locks in your house, you can also choose to better secure the current locks. In that regard, it is always interesting to ask the advice of your locksmith. In certain cases, the cost price will be so close to a new lock that it is often more interesting to opt for this option. In addition, the security locks according to the new standard are also a lot safer than the classic locks from the past. In addition to placing and replacing locks, we can also repair damage, where necessary. When in doubt, do not hesitate to ask for the advice of your locksmith from The Hague.

Burglary prevention can now be seen as a necessary evil. It often costs a lot of money, but is necessary because the burglary figures in the Netherlands are particularly alarming. Fortunately, burglary prevention can be achieved in various ways today. For example, you can arrange to have your locks replaced or better secured, but you can also use one of the many contemporary alarm systems. All these different things can contribute to the security of your home and therefore also to the feeling of safety that you yourself get as a resident. Locksmith NK is happy to tell you more about the possibilities in the field of burglary prevention.

Professional burglary prevention throughout the Netherlands

You can find numerous professionals spread throughout the Netherlands who can assist you in securing your home without any problems. In the first instance, think of the locksmiths who can provide your home with the most recent and best secured locks on the market. Burglary prevention always starts with checking the locking of your home. If it does not meet the current standard, you can protect your house as well as you can, you will always run the risk of encountering a possible burglary.

Deter or catch burglars

A thorough burglary prevention can not only ensure that burglars are deterred, it is also much easier to catch them in the act. In order to achieve this, it is always important to think carefully about the alarm systems that you are going to install. For example, a single system in a centrally located room is not enough. By definition, you must have a room-covering alarm system and it is also recommended to provide windows and doors with a so-called reed contact switch. These switches detect when the door or window is opened and can immediately notify you

When damage has occurred as a result of a burglary, it is often very important for the owners of the house in question to have the damage repaired as soon as possible. This is necessary to restore a certain sense of security, but the temporary lack of, for example, a functioning lock also increases the risk of possible new burglaries. Repairing burglary damage in the short term is therefore very important. Before we can speak of repair work, it is of course important that the burglary damage is determined exactly. Based on these findings, a quote can be drawn up and an indication can be given of the cost price that you should take into account.

Repairing damage to doors and frames

The first damage that is usually reported is damage to doors and frames. Fortunately, this damage can be repaired in a relatively simple way. The damage to doors and frames usually mainly relates to the space around the lock. The damage can ensure that the door can no longer be opened with your key. In that case, we will have to repair or replace the lock so that we can open your door. Please note, the existing lock itself is often forced, so that you also have to take into account a certain cost in that area. In any case, repairing burglary damage to doors and frames is the first point you will want to pay attention to.

Repairing glass damage

Repairing damage that was done to glass is a little less obvious. After all, a number of things must first be thoroughly examined by the repairer. First of all, there is, for example, the width of the cavity, but in addition, the type of glass that can be found in the window or door must also be considered. For example, many people use specially protected glass. As soon as these determinations have been made, repair of the glass damage caused can be started.

Lock broken? Call your locksmith Gouda!

If your lock is broken, call us immediately!
We can replace locks for a new one or see if there is still something to salvage about the lock.

Approved locksmith Gouda

We can always place new locks with our 24 hour service.
We are available day and night via telephone number 085 004 1566.
We always supply the best locks so that your locks and hinges are completely safe and up-to-date.

We have our own technicians in service and are a certified locksmith.
All our locksmiths use certified locks from the police quality mark safe living.

Within the world of locksmiths, unfortunately, a number of scammers are active, who abuse the situation when people are looking for an emergency lock service. We are a reliable locksmith who will replace your lock for a fair price.
We can always give you a quote in advance, so that you are not faced with surprises.

Locksmith Gouda for good locks

You can come to us not only for a broken lock, you have also come to the right place if you would like other locks on your house. Are your current locks outdated? We always have a professional solution and the best safe locks.

Whatever type of locks you are looking for, we always have the A-brand locks so that you keep uninvited guests out!

Together we can do a burglary prevention, we are happy to check your home with you to see which locks can be replaced, or where there are still points of attention.

Locksmith NK is active in Gouda as a 24-hour lock service with experienced technicians who are on site within 30 minutes. When you contact us in the evening or at the weekend, you can count on us to be with you as soon as possible. NK locksmith is a reliable partner where you can always go for all your lock problems!

We are in average 20 to 30 minutes present at your address for all lock services!

Locksmith Gouda is ready for you with a professional team

In our Locksmith Gouda We have a large team of enthusiastic locksmiths, who are always ready to give your locks the attention they deserve. New locks, opening a lock or another lock service? We are ready.

All our locksmiths are certified and reliable. With our customer-friendly and helpful employees, we are happy to soften the somewhat annoying reason for our arrival.

Safe locks: advice from the locksmith

The lock market is very innovative and in recent years much has been renewed and much safer locks have been developed.

Locks-with-an-anti-core-pull fitting

Locks with an anti core pull fitting

Take, for example, an anti-core pull fitting, which offers extra protection against burglars.
These locks have an outer shield and an inner shield, so that the cylinder is completely enclosed with metal.

Core pulling is still common in outdated locks. Burglars screw a screw into the lock, after which they simply pull the cylinder out of the lock and open the door.

With the anti-core pull fitting you are a lot better protected, because this form of burglary is no longer possible!

Multipoint closure

Installing a multi-point lock: keep burglars out!

Placing a multi-point lock is also good security for your home. A multi-point lock ensures that the door is locked at several points. Often these are three points: at the lock itself, but also one at the top and one at the bottom of the door.

You remember it from the past, or there is a good chance that you still have such a door: with one lock for the key, and two separate cuts to close it better from the inside.

This is safe, but not optimal. You have to perform three actions, and moreover you cannot operate the top and bottom cut from the outside. When a child or pet accidentally locks it, you are suddenly locked out.

The multi-point lock closes the door at all these points in one operation. So don't think about it anymore, and still feel safe!

new rim lock

A new rim lock via the Locksmith Gouda

In a characteristic house you will often find a front door with a rim lock.
With a rim lock, part of the lock is on the door, and the other on the frame next to the door.

The counterpart of the rim lock is a mortise lock. Due to the characteristic character of homes, and therefore also the old doors, it is often decided to have a new rim lock installed when the old lock no longer functions properly.

We are of course the locksmith in Gouda who can help you with that. For a safe new rim lock or more information about the options for replacing locks, please contact us.

anti-burglary strip

With an anti-burglary strip, your home will be even safer

In addition to a safe lock, an anti-burglary strip can help make your home extra safe.

Pinball is a popular burglary method. Locking the door will help with this anyway, but we understand that this is often forgotten. Just a quick errand; but during that time burglars can still get in.

The so-called pinball is a method in which an object, often a thin and flexible plastic plate, is slid between the door and the frame. As a result, the lock is simply clicked open and the door will spring open.

The burglar-proof strip is placed on the door and the frame, making the slot between the lock and the frame out of reach. Depending on the door and frame, different shapes are available.

Use the burglar-proof strip next to a strong lock to protect your house twice as well! Of course you can also go to locksmith Gouda for these anti-burglary strips.

Can we help you? Call locksmith Gouda on (085) 004 1566 and we will be happy to help you.

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Get your locks replaced before it's too late!

If your locks are a bit older, they may no longer be secure. Burglars are becoming more and more adept at breaking open a lock quickly. So have old locks replaced by a lock with the Police Quality Mark Safe Living.

These locks have so-called core pull protection, which makes them a lot more difficult to force. Even if your keys are stolen or if you lose them, it is important to have your locks replaced, preferably within 24 hours.

This prevents the thief or the finder from sneaking in and stealing your valuables. In the event of theft without burglary damage, the insurance usually does not pay out.

The locksmith in Gouda helps you with burglary damage to your locks

If your house has been broken into, it is important to contact the locksmith in Gouda immediately. He can repair the forced lock or damage to hinges and locks on a window or door for you.

In such a case, the costs are almost always covered by your home contents insurance. It is important that you report the burglary to the police and send proof of this to the insurance company.

If your keys were also stolen during the theft, have all locks replaced. This way you prevent the burglar from coming back after you have bought new things with the money from the insurance. When replacing locks, also consider the shed, garden gate or garage.

Left out? Call locksmith Gouda!

There are several times when you need a locksmith. In an emergency, that is often when you are locked out.

We've all experienced it. People think it won't happen to them, but you sometimes rush out the door, just a little too late for that one appointment. And before you know it you close the door behind you but your key is still inside. It can also happen that your key is still on the inside of the lock and then the key that you may have at the neighbors is also of no use.

Call the locksmith Gouda: your reliable locksmith

The locksmith in Gouda can solve this for you.
We will open your door if possible without damage and at a fixed rate. No matter how long or short we are busy.
We are the reliable locksmith Gouda that ensures that you can get back in quickly. We get every door open.

When you call us, we are always on site as soon as possible.
On average we are on location within 20-30 minutes, during the weekend and in the evenings we are almost always within 20 minutes!

So if you lock yourself out, you can count on the expert help of the locksmith of Gouda.

An experienced locksmith with the police quality mark safe living.
We will always do everything we can to open your door without damage and if necessary replace the locks with good burglar-proof locks.

We can also repair burglary damage, and if you have lost your keys, we are also the locksmith you are looking for.

Keep burglars out in Gouda!

Prevention is better than cure, so we would like to give some tips to prevent a burglary and thus the annoying burglary damage.

  • Don't post your vacation plans on social media. It is tempting, you would like to show the whole world in which paradise you have ended up, but burglars like to read along. So wait until you get home to share your beautiful holiday snaps.
  • Make yourself at home while enjoying your holiday: have a neighbor or an acquaintance take care of your garden, pick up the mail from the letterbox and set some lights on timers so that a light is regularly lit in the house. Do you have smart bulbs? You can easily set up a routine there, so that at least one lamp is switched on every day.
  • Make sure you have the right locks: with good hinges and locks, the average burglar is less likely to make an attempt and ignore your house.
  • Use cameras or an alarm system; This obviously makes your house less attractive to burglars.
  • Keep your keys separate from your address and do not attach a card with your address to your keys. What if you lose your keys, someone with evil in the sense immediately knows where to go.
  • It sounds simple but is often forgotten: always close your doors properly. Lock them, even if you're only going to be gone for a short while.

Our locksmith in Gouda is at home in all markets

Defective locks, lost keys, burglary damage, a new lock, complete hinges and locks, key broken in the lock:
We have years of experience with all aspects of lock service.

Our locksmiths are certified and will always be friendly to you. A little later you can safely enter your house with your own keys or a new key. If you need a locksmith in Gouda, call us right away!

Locksmith Gouda costs

Whatever job you need us for, we always give a price in advance. That way you know what to take into account.

The reasons for changing locks can vary widely, and the price tag always depends on the complete package. You can always contact us without obligation and we will be happy to tell you more about what is possible and what the costs are.

Frequently asked questions to the locksmith in Gouda

If you have lost a key, it may have fallen into the wrong hands. It is therefore very important that you have your lock replaced as soon as possible.

Call us and we will be at your door quickly to place a new lock. An additional advantage is that you are immediately provided with the latest and safest locks.

Our locksmith will make sure you can sleep in peace again! We make Gouda a little safer every day.

A broken key is very annoying, it is often difficult to get out.

We always prefer to open all doors without damage, so we will first try to see if your lock can be saved. If this is not the case, the locksmith will replace the lock with a new one.

Our locksmiths are also there for you when you have locked yourself out. We always make sure that the door is not damaged, and in most cases we manage to open the door without changing the locks.

You can continue to use the keys that you left on the kitchen table inside! We charge a fixed price for opening doors, regardless of how long it takes us.

We communicate these prices with you in advance, so that you are not faced with surprises and know for sure what the costs will be. Our locksmith gets every door open!

A burglary is always annoying, just like the burglary damage that comes with it. Prevention is always better than cure, that's why we always offer the best locks for Gouda. We are happy to make a quotation in advance for the replacement of the current hinges and locks.

We can then replace all your locks with certified safe locks.

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We are happy to assist you as a locksmith in Gouda or as a locksmith in any other city or region!

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Burglary Damage Recovery

Prevent a burglary with the tips of the locksmith in Gouda

It is always better to prevent a break-in. The locksmith in Gouda can visit you to inspect your home or business and point out possible weak spots such as a defective lock or faulty hinges and locks on a window. But you can also do a lot about it yourself. Lock your door when you leave home instead of just closing it behind you. Do not leave a window open that a burglar can easily reach. Leave lights on at night to give the impression that someone is there.

Can a faulty lock be repaired?

In some cases, the locksmith in Gouda can repair a broken lock by replacing a part. When it comes to an old lock, renewing is often a better choice. It is also better to have a rusty lock replaced. If you do not do this, you run the risk that you will not be able to open or close the lock at some point and you may have to have the locksmith come urgently, which can of course be associated with extra costs. A lock that does not work properly also often gives burglars the chance to break into your home relatively easily.

Call the locksmith in Gouda for fast and good help

The Locksmith Gouda is available 24/7 with the emergency service. Contact +31 85 004 1566 for help or information and be there within 20 minutes! We will help you immediately if you need urgent help, such as with burglary damage to your locks or if you have locked yourself out. Would you like to request a quote for the renewal of your locks or would you like advice on burglary prevention without obligation, you can also call us or use the contact form on the website. You can always request a quote in advance if you want to use our services.

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