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Types of Locks: Which ones exist?


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The most common types of locks:

When you need a new lock, you are at the right place at Locksmith NK. We have the most advanced types of locks in every shape and size: for instance for your doors, windows, sanitary rooms, safes and/or cars.
View our information about each type of lock and which lock we recommend if you want to have your lock replaced, for example.

Mortise lock with day and dead bolt

Mortise-lock-with-day-and-night bolt

Mortise locks are the most common locks, especially in interior doors. A lock of this type can hardly be seen when the door is closed, because it is integrated into the door itself. You can use the door handle and/or key to operate it.
It consists of two parts: the latch bolt and the dead bolt. Do you close the door? The latch bolt then falls into the striker plate. If you turn the door knob or turn the key a quarter turn, the door will still open easily.
If you turn the key twice, the massive deadbolt will fall into rush hour. If you want to have a mortise lock installed or replaced, we can of course help you or give you advice on how.

Multipoint closure

Multipoint closure

Nowadays we see multi-point locks in more and more new-build homes. We also attach this lock in the door and the frame; when you turn the key, the door closes in several places at once.
The multi-point lock is very safe, so it is not necessary to place extra locks. SKG*** quality mark is self-evident with this type of lock, since it has a closure at several points, so that the door is secured in more than 1 place.
It is a very safe lock that we often recommend to install, especially in neighborhoods that are known to have been or have been a lot of burglaries.

Rim lock with day and dead bolt

Rim lock-with-day-and-night bolt

Rim locks are somewhat older than mortise locks and we often see them in older homes. Rim locks are located on the inside of doors and frames and, like mortise locks, have a deadbolt and deadbolt.
You can open this lock with the sliding handle or button that is present on this type of lock. Rim locks do not have the SKG** quality mark, which makes them less suitable for front doors than newer locks (from the 90s), with the exception of the newer models from Lips with so-called safety cranks. We therefore always recommend taking a lock with the SKG** or SKG*** quality mark and also have it in stock and can place it when removing the rim lock in your home.

pen lock

pen lock

This lock contains 2 extra sturdy, metal pins. These metal pins offer solid security and are difficult to open (not even with extra force).
This lock can be operated with a so-called cross key, usually it is supplied in a pair of 2. Pin locks fall into the category of add-on locks that are used to provide extra protection for doors and windows against theft.
Pin locks are also called “star locks”. They are locks that are mounted above or below the main lock. The pin lock consists of a built-in lock and a keyhole cover. Pin locks are mortise locks and are therefore placed in doors.

Window tree side lock

Window tree side lock

A window tree is an additional lock that can be used to secure windows or doors, it is a common problem with all types of locks that it often breaks. The lock is attached to the inside of a window or door and can only be operated from the inside. Especially windows with wooden frames are usually equipped with such locks. Back and balcony doors made of wood are often equipped with this type of extra lock. There are several variants of the window tree. For example, there is a window tree that can only be operated by hand, but there are also window trees on the market that can also be tinkered for extra safety. A locksmith from Locksmith NK can place the window tree for you, but you can also install it yourself.

Gap holder or chain


Aperture holders are also called door chains. It is the chain that connects the door and the frame. In some countries, such as the United States, almost every door has a door chain.
When the door is open, the door cannot be opened for several centimeters. Clearance brackets are recommended on the front door and clearance brackets are recommended on the windows.
This is guaranteed to provide a little extra security when opening doors or windows. Doors or windows cannot be fully opened at all. You can safely open doors and windows for fresh air.


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