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Locksmith in Wassenaar, we do beautiful smithing like keys and locks. In Wassenaar, we successfully carry out the locksmith business, which is the essence of our business, by keeping the price of the locksmith within affordable budgets, opening doors that were locked for years with a pick, repairing broken locks and recreating the small parts of some machines as before.

Locksmith in Wassenaar, by not keeping the price in the foreground, our company does this work with our master employees who have the knowledge and skill to open locks that don't work within a certain time by themselves, to make new keys according to the lock and key sample, to perform maintenance and repair work on the lock assembly. Let's give general information about our company as a locksmith company.

Definition of the locksmith profession

Locksmith; is a craftsman who makes fine forgings such as keys and locks. Locksmithing focuses on tasks such as unlocking doors that have been locked throughout history, repairing broken locks and rebuilding small parts of certain machines. Mass production, which intensified in the years following the Industrial Revolution, led to a narrowing of the scope of locksmiths' work.Locksmith-in-Wassenaar

In particular, the definition of locksmith profession; is a qualified person who applies health and environmental protection measures within the framework of quality requirements, duplicates house, vehicle, safe and similar keys, opens locks, makes keys from the lock and performs other maintenance, repair and assembly work related to the lock and carries out professional development activities. We confidently offer the highest quality service, whether it is alocksmith price in Wassenaar or our expert team of professionals.

What steps are followed to become a locksmith?

The locksmith profession is a very sensitive one in terms of security. A candidate without a criminal record who wants to become a locksmith first starts working in a locksmith's shop that has all the legal documents and a master's degree, and then does the apprenticeship to learn the trade. In the locksmith business, the locksmith candidate who proves that the SGK premium has been paid (even 1 day is enough to be insured) by obtaining a document from the SGK directorate of the province where he is located, is entitled to the apprentice certificate if he passes the apprentice examination in vocational schools.

The locksmith candidate who obtains his certificate is entitled to take the mastery examination, provided he has been in the locksmith profession for at least 5 years. If he then passes the mastery examination, he becomes a master with a mastery certificate. The locksmith who starts working at SSI is also given the authority to open doors. Obtaining a master certificate and being a master does not mean that he can open the door on his own without being tied to a locksmith shop where he is authorised to open the door.

If a person with a licence wants to open his own workshop, he must register with the Chamber of Craftsmen and then submit his certificate of mastery to the municipality to which he is affiliated, and obtain the licence to open and operate a business. The authorised locksmith, who completes these stages, has the power to fill in the minutes given by the locksmith's chamber before opening and, if necessary, an expert may be appointed by the courts in relation to a judicial event.

People who want to open a locksmith shop can set it up without spending huge amounts of money. In Wassenaar, we started with a small capital, keeping the price affordable, and made our business what it is today. In this business, it comes more from learning the business than from capital.

Those who will work on keys and locksmiths must work seriously and diligently while practising this profession. We said at the beginning that work is an easy job, but it is a job that requires high quality service and craftsmanship. For example, they may cause permanent damage, such as the key not opening the door, or damage the opened lock. Therefore, it is essential to be serious and careful while doing this work.

What does a locksmith do?

It makes a key. The sample checks the chip on the key. Makes a copy of the key. Encodes the key. The monkey is ready. Completes the unlocking report. The locksmith opens the lock. Makes a key in the lock. Fixes the lock. Changes the lock password. He puts a barrel on the lock. Attaches a security system to the lock. Garage and automatic system check and mechanism repairs.

Working environment and conditions of locksmith

In locksmithing, key-making and locksmithing; can work in key-making and locksmithing, key-making factories. Locksmith; It can work in ventilated and well-lit indoor environments within the company, or it can work outside the company by going to home, workplace and similar places determined by the customer. There are risks of accidents and injuries that require health and safety measures to be taken while working. The source of the risks that may arise for the profession is addressed and these risks are controlled by adhering to the necessary health and safety measures.locksmith-wassenaar

In cases where the risks cannot be completely eliminated, it works by using appropriate personal protective equipment provided by the employer. There are a number of professions, how much money you will earn is unpredictable, some months you can earn a great income. Some months you work very little, sometimes not at all. Locksmith is such a profession. Instead of duplicating keys and selling products, it is really making money by opening doors. Because after gaining a certain hardware and skill, most of the compensation received here is profit. Locksmith in Wassenaar ensures that the price is always within expectations.

When is a locksmith needed?

The costs incurred are depreciation and travel expenses. But you never know when customers will call you, because people need a locksmith due to some distraction, they don't call a locksmith unless it is necessary. Locksmithing can generate a good income in proportion to assets. Locksmithing is a fun profession. Locksmith shops can be run with very small shops. Important copying equipment and a small room to greet incoming customers are sufficient for this profession. It is advantageous to open a shop in places with high human circulation. Our company, which operates Locksmith prices in Wassenaar, is quite assertive in this regard.

Since very large M2 will not be taken, you can easily keep a suitable shop. You can easily retain locksmith and key shop. A capital of between 5 thousand and 10 thousand will suffice for a locksmith and key shop in small towns. In big cities like Istanbul and Ankara, a capital between 10 thousand and 20 thousand will do. Key duplication company does not have huge profit, these copied keys between 3 and 5 € are made with a profit margin of 20-30%. Key shops earn more on assembly and door opening costs. In Wassenaar, choose our company, which offers cheap but high quality service at locksmith prices.

The more assembly and copying work they do, the more their income rises. These are the things we need to know about the working conditions of the locksmith profession in general. For years, we started doing this work with our masters, knowing the definition of our work, measuring and weighing what we will do and how. We grew in this business in a short time by starting with very low capital and doing business carefully and successfully. We wanted to have our signature in the work we do, which is important for our company to do the work with quality. Our mission has always been in this direction. It will continue in this direction.

We, as a company in Wassenaar, give priority to the satisfaction of our customers beyond the profit margins in terms of locksmith prices. We are always with you, whether it is lock service or key repair, repair and replacement, copy. Considering you, we offer all types of locksmith services in Wassenaar at an affordable price.

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