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It is one of the trades that we have benefited from, that we need and will continue to need for years to come. Locksmith services are still performed and operated by more than one person. It is equally important that locksmith services that we cannot determine where and when we need them are both professional and reliable.

At present, our company offers Locksmith Alphen Aan Den Rjin professional and safe locksmith services for you. So what exactly is locksmith? What do locksmiths do? What are the requirements to become a locksmith? Let's find out the answers together.

What is the definition of the locksmith profession?

The profession of locksmith is a craft group known as locksmith. Locksmiths are people who exercise the profession of locksmith and are engaged in making locks, repairing, assembling, key and fine iron work on the door. Those who do these jobs are in the tradesman group. As in all professions, they have a number of legal and necessary responsibilities.Locksmith-Alphen-Aan-Den-Rjin

The profession of locksmith is practiced in accordance with the areas of law, health and safety as a result of various trainings. Locksmith Alphen Aan Den Rjin repairs, maintains and repairs all mechanisms such as cars, safes and doors of which the keys are lost, the lock is broken, the lock mechanism does not work and the keys are not compatible. Let's have a look at the other services we offer as Locksmith Alphen Aan Den Rjin.

What are the job areas of the locksmith profession?

Some of the services offered by our Locksmith Alphen Aan Den Rjin are as follows:

  • opening a steel door,
  • Safe unlocking,
  • Open the room door,
  • Installation of steel door lock,

Safety lock assembly,

  • Changing the door rod,
  • Unlock car door,
  • Copying the keys of the house, safe, door and all kinds of locking mechanisms,
  • Button lock assembly, repair and maintenance,
  • Coded door access system,
  • Repair, maintenance and servicing of automatic controls,
  • To eliminate the problem of a steel door not closing, install a brake system on the doors,
  • Steel door difficult to close,
  • Steel door can be mentioned as the correction of the friction problem on the ground.

With the help of the professional team of Locksmith Alphen Aan Den Rjin, you can safely reach many more services.

Materials and tools used in locksmith work

Locksmith Alphen Aan Den Rjin is skilled in various door openings, key duplication, lock, key, door repair.

Secure key machine,

Chip detector,

  • Unprocessed
  • Rough key,

Key making machine,

Coded ball machine,

Drill, grindstone, circlip pliers,

  • Shock cable,
  • Monkey, crow's-nose, technical endoscopy device,
  • Locksmith Alphe Aan Den Rjin offers you the locksmith service you want thanks to many tools, machines such as master pin set, rust remover, chisel set, and offers solutions for your needs with the professional staff of our company.

Training of locksmiths and required qualifications

A person who wants to become a locksmith must at least have graduated from primary school. A person who wants to train as a locksmith through vocational training must be at least 14 years old. Persons who have completed a locksmith course in vocational training centres as apprentices can work as well as do a master's degree, provided they are at least 16 years old and do not open the shop on their own.

The companions who have to withstand tough working conditions, dusty and dirty environments during their working period must also be patient, skilled and knowledgeable individuals. With the 176-hour master's degree, people who want to become locksmiths, as well as the craftsman training they receive, receive training such as business law, business knowledge, health and safety, and become ready for the professional business world, just like the expert. staff of our locksmith Alphen Aan Den Rjin.

What is the definition of the locksmith profession?

There are certain levels of training that are followed to practice the profession of locksmith. Within the framework of professional training and lessons, locksmiths become companions, masters and master trainers. In addition to this distinction, when you become a locksmith, according to the job descriptions related to locksmith, the main occupational group; craftsmen and those who work with related jobs. In addition to this, occupation sub-head group; working in metalworking, machinery and related works, occupation group; blacksmiths, toolmakers and workers in related jobs, occupation group; It can be divided into toolmakers and workers with related jobs. Locksmith Alphen Aan Den Rjin, the employees of our company are also composed of a very professional and skilled team.

What is key duplication?

We always want to have a backup of the keys in all locked mechanisms such as house, garage and safe. Currently, our locksmith Alphen Aan Den Rjin can reproduce your keys flawlessly in a short time. First of all when duplicating keys; The material, a so-called raw key and is a tool for a locksmith, is placed in the key duplication machine.

While the original key is being read in the machine vice, it also gives the same shape to the raw key in the other vice by cutting the same shapes with the cutting blade. With this method, several spare keys can be produced in a very short time.

What is Lock Pick?

One of the quickest and most practical door and unlocking methods used by locksmiths is the lock pick method. Runner; While the moving lock bearing into which the key is inserted and fitted is forced to rotate in the opening direction, the lock pins that allow the lock to be unlocked by lifting the key that normally belongs to the lock are lifted and lowered one by one.

When some of the locking pins are lifted sufficiently and moved into place, the locking bearing will move and rotate slightly so that the removed pin remains in the air. Then the same process is repeated and other pins are tried and the process continues until the locking mechanism is opened.

Locksmith at Alphen Aan Den Rijn

Locksmith Alphen Aan Den Rjin, all kinds of key copying, door opening, lock repair, door lock replacement, door lock fitting, repair, maintenance and repair work are carried out in our company. In addition, the repair, maintenance and repair of the automatic controls, the elimination of the problem of not closing the steel door, the installation of the braking system on the doors, the elimination of the problem of the hard closure of the steel door have been completed.

Correction of problem with friction of steel doors, unlocking car doors, copying car keys, copying immobilisers, hydraulic push door to building entrances, coded door access service, repair of garage checks are also within the scope of our business. With the help of our expert and professional staff, you can safely benefit from services such as copying, opening doors and locking mechanisms with locksmith methods such as safe deposit boxes.

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