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Because of the pace of everyday life, it is perfectly normal to experience forgetfulness for many different reasons. One of the forgotten items are keys. For this reason, the person sought after in the case of being left at the door is a locksmith.

Leiden locksmith Help is requested not only when the door is left open, but also when a cupboard, safe or car door will not open. Things that we can handle for hours or perhaps not on our own, are handled in a short time thanks to locksmiths. The biggest advantage of this situation is undoubtedly saving time. In this way, we do not lose out on other work that we need to free up time for, or we can avoid being stuck at the door.

What is the definition of profession?

The profession of locksmith cannot be seen as just opening doors. Our locksmith company Leiden consists of people who provide a wide range of services. Locksmiths are the people who get help in unlocking doors, safes, cars, tables and cabinets that are not working. In addition, it is a profession that deals with key and lock assembly, lock maintenance and repair work according to the lock construction and the key sample.locksmith-leiden

What is the job of a locksmith?

Locksmiths are not only people who get help when the key is forgotten. They offer a wide range of services. Locksmiths do a chip check on the sample key and make a copy of the key. It removes the burrs that occur while making the key and encrypts the key. Key coding is also done by locksmiths. It fills in the so-called unlock report and carries out the unlocking process.

Locksmiths also prepare devices called picks. Making keys for the lock, lock repair and maintenance work, changing lock passwords and cylinder set operations for the lock are processes that make us locksmith company Leiden in a short period of time. By installing a security system, it also takes on the role of expert witness when necessary.

What materials are used by locksmiths?

The materials used by locksmiths are often marvelled at by many. The main reason behind this curiosity are the scenes in the films. Locksmiths use many materials. One of them is the safe key machine and it is used quite often. Chip detector, raw key and coded key machine, caliper, screwdriver are among the most commonly used materials.

What are the conditions required by the profession?

The profession of a locksmith is not as simple and straightforward as it seems in the movies. People who will practice this profession need thorough training. In addition, some characteristics that are indispensable for the profession must be present in the person. One of these, and perhaps the most important, is that he can use his hands and fingers skillfully. The mental and physical health of the people who will exercise this profession is also a basic requirement.

The person should not have any visual impairment. It is essential that people making their career choice in Leiden locksmith are interested and well informed about the science of mechanics. Since the unlocking process cannot always be completed in a short period of time, they should be very patient and careful. Another important feature is that they should be adept at making plans. In addition, there must be people who can put it into practice after making a detailed plan. Since it is not possible to conceive of a locksmith without the ability to understand it, the candidate's ability to understand the relationship between forms and notice details accordingly must be developed. Of course, the sense of responsibility, which is a necessity for any profession, is very necessary in this profession.locksmith-leiden

What are the working environment and conditions of locksmiths?

Locksmiths are people who practice mostly indoors, but rarely outdoors. The working environment is generally noisy, vibrating, dirty and oily. Depending on the work situation, they may have to work in damp, dusty, wet and cold environments. Therefore, they are both mentally and physically strong people. In addition to all these difficulties, Locksmith Leiden has the potential to work 24 hours a day.

What are the possibilities of working and finding a job?

If the locksmith has enough capital and experience, he can start his own business and provide services to people in this way. Locksmith Leiden is one of the professions that is very suitable for starting one's own business due to the constant need of people. However, people who do not have sufficient experience and capital can work with people who specialize in this field until they have experience and knowledge.

Where can I get locksmith training?

The training of the profession can be given in all vocational training institutes in the field of Key and Lock making, provided that sufficient demand and majority are met.

What are the entry requirements for vocational education?

As in any profession, experience must first be gained in order to work for this Leiden locksmith company. Persons starting the apprenticeship must have at least a primary school education and be able to read and write. Moreover, they must be at least 14 years old. Being physically and mentally fit to meet the demands of the profession is indispensable. Moreover, if the person is determined to pursue this profession, he must find a suitable workplace for training and sign the necessary apprenticeship contract.

Training period and things to be learned during training

The education period of the profession varies for primary and secondary school graduates. Those who have graduated from primary school will gain experience through 2 years of education and 1 year of education for those who have graduated from secondary school or equivalent. The training is generally practical four days a week and theoretical one day a week.

Making progress in the profession

The first people to call us locksmith company Leiden starts are generally very enthusiastic, just like in other professions. The mastering process takes place over a period of time. It is possible to advance to the titles of master and master instructor in the profession. Those who have taken the required courses have the right to apply for the master examination after one year.locksmith-leiden

Candidates who do not want to wait for the foreseen theoretical training for mastery can apply for mastery exams, thanks to their work at a workplace for a total of 5 years and documenting this situation. If people want to rise even higher and become Master Instructors, they have the right to become a Master Instructor after completing 40 business education courses in vocational training centres.

How much do locksmiths earn?

As in any profession, the question of how much a locksmith earns is constantly on the minds of candidates. There are two types of income in the profession. One is to work with a locksmith for minimum wage and the other is to open your own business. Our company, Slotenmaker Leiden, does everything possible to earn 3-4 times the minimum wage.

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