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Gouda locksmith existed in the world when locks existed and has remained so to this day. Thus, locksmith is one of the oldest professions in the world. It is also a profession that people have to deal with at least once in their lifetime. The reason is that keys are one of the most forgotten objects in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Moreover, if the absence of the key is noticed, especially at night, you should definitely call the locksmith. However, people still need a locksmith not only when they lose their keys but also when they want to renew their car keys in case of jammed locks.

What is the job description of a locksmith?

Definitions need to be updated as they serve a wide range and the range of tasks is expanding day by day with technology. However, according to the general acceptance, Gouda can be defined as the person who has lost the locksmith process, unlocked the important things in human life such as doors, safes, cars, tables and cabinets, makes keys according to the lock or key sample , perform lock assembly, lock maintenance andgouda locksmith repair work.

What is the job description of a locksmith?

Job descriptions of Gouda locksmith include:

  • Check the example key "Chip
  • Make a copy of the key
  • For removing the burrs formed during construction on the key
  • Encrypt the key
  • Preparing the picks
  • Fill the release record
  • Unlock remaining locked
  • Make the key fit the lock
  • To carry out repair and maintenance work on locks
  • Change the lock passwords if necessary
  • Attach a barrel to the lock
  • Installing a safety system
  • Acting as an expert when needed

What tools does the locksmith use?

Many tools are used in our company. Each lock has its own unique mechanism. Chip detector, unprocessed key that is ready to be processed when needed, and also the key machine is one of the machines used by the locksmith.

In addition, for coded and ball systems, coded ball wrench, drill, amaril stone, wheel, indispensable hand and vice, screwdriver for removing and picking the lock if necessary, are tools that are used again. Our Gouda locksmith company is full-fledged.

Technological devices used by locksmiths

Technology is advancing rapidly and relentlessly. That is why security systems and locks are constantly updated. Locksmith Goudaan expert in his field, closely follows all developments.

The reason for this is to have up-to-date information and to be able to provide adequate services. Together with the technological process, the equipment continues to be updated. In this way, it becomes possible to offer high quality service.locksmith-gouda

What are the general characteristics required for the profession of key maker?

There are some qualifications that those who want to become a Gouda locksmith must have. The first, of course, is being interested in the profession. This becomes the driving force for practicing the profession. Apart from this, there should be no visual problems and the general health of the body should be good.

Another important factor is that he has knowledge and interest in mechanics. There must be people who can quickly grasp the connection between the forms and quickly notice the details. Another requirement of the profession is to be patient and careful. Our locksmith company in Gouda pays great attention to this.

What are the working conditions and environment of the locksmith?

The working environment of the Gouda locksmith is generally indoors. However, conditions may change depending on the work situation and they may also work outdoors. Moreover, working environments are noisy, highly vibrating, dirty and greasy.

Moreover, the locksmith's working environment can be damp, dusty, smelly, wet and cold from time to time. Our locksmith employees often have the potential to work 24 hours a day.

Places of vocational education

The Gouda locksmith training can, in case of sufficient applications and sufficient majority, be given in the "Machine Technique" section of the vocational training centres, in the "Key and locksmith" branch.

Admission requirements for vocational education

As in any profession, there are Gold locksmith profession an apprenticeship. Those who want to start apprenticeship training must have at least a secondary school diploma. Consequently, apprentices of compulsory school age can follow apprenticeship training according to vocational education programmes that must be organised according to their level of education.

Duration and content of education: The education period of the profession is 4 years after basic education. The first 3 years of education are arranged as apprenticeship, the last 1 year as master apprenticeship. The choice of profession must be made in the 9th grade. Common general culture courses and professional courses will be given to candidates in each year of study. The training is given in a practical way at workplaces with apprenticeships for 4 days and stays in vocational training centres for 1 day a week.

In apprenticeship and vocational education, the curriculum consists of standard general knowledge courses and vocational knowledge courses. In vocational training, the machines, equipment, tools and devices used are introduced in detail to the Gouda locksmith candidate. The aim here is to familiarise the candidate with the tools he will be using. The use of these devices in accordance with their technique, the cleaning and maintenance of these devices, standard writing, free-hand use and tools are explained in detail to the candidates.locksmith-service-gouda

Besides making drawings relating to his profession, reading the completed plans and projects as they should be, the necessary information on company information and occupational safety is conveyed to the person. In addition to the theoretical information, people are prepared for the profession by doing practical work on the shop floor under the supervision of a master trainer.

Locksmith workplaces and job vacancies

Gouda locksmith, those with enough experience and money can open their own business and continue working. On the other hand, you can work for a Gouda locksmith company.

Is it earned during the training?

In accordance with the "Vocational Education Act" with number 3308, students undergoing vocational training in enterprises receive not less than 30 per cent of the net minimum wage in workshops with 20 or more employees, and 15 per cent in workshops with less than 20 employees. There is a provision in the form. The insurance premiums of students undergoing education are paid by the state against undesirable situations such as work accidents and occupational diseases.

How to progress in the profession?

The epitome of progress in the profession is usually in the form of master trainers opening shops and giving their customers confidence. In addition, master trainer Gouda completes his promotion by teaching the profession to other young locksmith candidates. Master trainers can be defined as people who master all subtleties of the trade. In this way, the pinnacle of the profession is reached and the role of educating the next generations is taken.

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